Courses Description :

  • The Department of Hindi is one of the oldest faculties of the college. The department is housed on the ground floor of "Arts Block".
  • The under graduate course in Hindi was started in 2021 and the experience gained through successful running of this course.
  • It imparts Undergraduate in Hindi literature.
  • Department has a centralized instrumentation room for research work.
  • It has a library having more than 130 reference and text books and a good number of old journals.
  • Each faculty member has a chamber for the purpose of study, research as well as counselling of students.

Assignments :

  • Assignments UG - I
  • Assignments UG - II
  • Assignments UG -III

Lecture Notes :

  • Lecture Notes- I
  • Lecture Notes - II
  • Lecture Notes -III

Video Lectures :

  • काव्य हेतु kavya hetu
  • काव्य लक्षण Kavya lakshan

B.A. Hindi Hons. Syllabus

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